Gingerbread Train Time in our House

By | Dec 22, 2009

Gingerbread Train Caboose 2009The construction of the fourth annual Gingerbread Train was completed in the Osborne house recently. The picture on the left is a preview of our 2009 caboose.  Trains are a big deal in a house full of little boys and our house is no exception. This year we built a gingerbread train from the same Familyfun Magazine template that we began with in 2006 plus some slight modifications. We added a second coal car. We filled one with milk chocolate rocks and the other was filled with foil covered chocolate coins. The foil on the coins is the only thing on this year’s train that is not eatable. As our three boys grow a little older we are looking forward to their own designs and decorating ideas. Below will give you a look at the past three years of gingerbread trains.

2009 Gingerbread Train
2009 Gingerbread Train
2008 Gingerbread Train
2008 Gingerbread Train
2007 Gingerbread Train
2007 Gingerbread Train
2006 Gingerbread Train
Gingerbread Train 2006 - Osborne Family

Stay tuned for more Gingerbread Train photos from our 2009 Gingerbread Train.


We hope you have enjoyed our trains. Have a Merry CHRISTmas!!!

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  • Sasha (Global Table Adventure)

    Epic! I love it :)

  • Erika

    Great! Its 2011 and I have only just found you but love to see the progress you have made. Worth every moment and very inspiring. Thanks.

  • Vaburgess

    super cute!!!

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