Homemade Stove Top Popcorn

By | Nov 4, 2008

“This popcorn Tastes just like the movie theater popcorn”

That is what I hear from everyone who tastes the popcorn that I make by following the recipe in this post.  I learned the secret to great popcorn in high school in the 80s.  I cooked all of the popcorn for the concession stands at home football games at my high school.  Some of these games hosted more than 10,000 hungry fans.  I did use professional equipment and bulk supplies, but I never forgot the secrets to making good popcorn.  Those secrets are shared here.

The single most important ingredient in making great popcorn is the oil.  You don’t need a fancy pot with a whirly crank. It’s not about shaking the pot or when you add the salt.  It’s all about the oil.  Most people use vegetable or canola oil and try all kinds of tricks to get that movie theater taste.  They would save themselves some trouble if they would track down some coconut oil.  Here is how I make it happen.

Coconut Oil - Popcorn secret ingredient

Coconut Oil

Tools and Ingredients

  • 3 Quart pot/pan
  • 1/3 cup of coconut oil
  • Approx 1/2 cup of popping corn
  • 1 teaspoon of butter flavored salt
  • One large bowl


  1. Place pan over med/high heat (8 on my electric stove dial)
  2. Pour in 1/3 cup of coconut oil in pan
  3. Place one kernel of popping corn in the pan
  4. Place lid on pan and wait for the 1st kernel to pop (approx 4 minutes)*
  5. Remove lid and pour enough popping kernels in to cover the entire bottom of the pan
  6. Add1 teaspoon of butter flavored salt to the pan
  7. Place lid back over the pan (leave enough room for steam to vent out)
  8. Allow popcorn to finish popping and immediately dump into large bowl (approx 1 minute)

*Note: It is important to stay with the pan during the entire cooking process.  Some stoves heat up faster than others and you don’t want to burn your oil.

Check out the YouTube video below to see how I make this mouth watering treat for my family.

Now that the secret is out, you should consider the use of coconut oil in your kitchen.  This ingredient has been difficult to find in our area, but oddly enough Walmart was the only store carrying coconut oil consistently.

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I hope you enjoy your popcorn!

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